Protect More Than Just Your Mortgage


Roberto, 32, single with no dependants is buying his first house. The bank offers him mortgage insurance to cover his mortgage balance in the event of his death, which at first roberto declines. after all, he doesn’t have any dependants if anything happens to him. he reconsiders and decides he doesn’t want to burden his family with selling the house to pay off the mortgage. so, roberto decides to purchase mortgage insurance.

No Looking Back - Financial Planning 101 - Building A Path To A Brighter Future

With challenges come new opportunities and the chance for a brighter future. in the following story, we learn how financial planning allows a single mom to take charge of her finances. By adding flexibility to her borrowing needs, investing for the future and helping protect her family through critical illness insurance, she takes hold of her future and doesn’t look back.

Giving Back To Your Community

 According to a recent 2010 volunteer Canada research study called Bridging the gap, almost half of Canadians over the age of 15 were involved as volunteers, collectively contributing two billion hours of volunteer time, an average of 168 hours each!


Dividend-Paying Stocks Making a Comeback

Dividend-paying equities can be a great choice for long-term investors willing to forgo
immediate returns in favour of substantial returns later. Once denigrated as the province of
widows and orphans, dividend-paying stocks are being seen in a new light by investors who
have weathered the highly volatile stock market of the past decade.